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Radio Specific Links

- Century II

WA2CAM's VHF Amateur Conversion

- Centura / Corona

***dead link*** K6PRK's GEMARC 2.4 GHz Conversion

- Custom MVP

WB6RFW's GE MVP Radio Mods

Condor's VHF MVP/Exec II 222 MHz Conversion

KC7GSA's Tune Up Instructions CMVP / EXEC II VHF Tx

KC7GSA's Tune Up Instructions CMVP / EXEC II VHF Rx

N6NMZ's MVP Information

WB6RHQ's VHF MVP / EXEC II Exciter and Receiver mod to 222MHz

NO6B's UHF MVP Repeater Mod

NHRC Repeater Controller for CMVP

- Delta

K4ABT's Delta S 1200 baud mod

K4ABT's Delta SX 9600 baud

***dead link*** WB8ZDF's Delta S 6 Meter Information

K3JLS's Freq. Agile PLL Synth Controller for Delta S/SX

KA9FUR's Delta Page

N8JFB's Delta and Rangr Info


EDACS Discussion list at Yahoo

***dead link*** Eavesdroppers Signal Decoding Software including EDACS

Mtrunk and Etrunk download

Mtrunk and Etrunk Discussion List at Yahoo

Trunk Tracker Scanner Info

TrunkedRadio.Net EDACS Information

- Mastr II

NHRC Repeater Controllers

NHRC's Mastr II Info Site

Condor's VHF Mastr II 222 MHz Conversion

WB6RHQ's Mastr II Modifications for 220MHz

W4UWH's Mastr II Modifications for 220 MHz

K2ROB's Mastr  II PLL Exciter Mod for 220 MHz

NW6H and WB6ZSU's Mastr II to TNC Connection Chart

***dead link*** WB5RZX's Mastr II Information

W3KKC's Mastr II Information

W3KKC's Mastr II Step by Step Procedure for Duplexing a Mastr II

KD4APP's Mastr II mobile to a repeater mod

S.E.I.T.S. Mastr II Information

SCOM 7K Controller Connections to Mastr II

KA8R's S Meter circuit for ACC controller

K7WWA's fix for Eliminating Spurious Emissions in earlier Mastr II PA Decks

WX7Y's Mastr II Duplex Mod

WB4TUR's Mastr II Info

N8ZCC's Mastr II Repeater Conversion Mods

Mastr II Discussion List at Yahoo

- Mastr Executive II

KD4BBM's Exec II Modifications and Conversions

Exec II Repeater Mod Information

W3KKC's Exec II Information

N1GNN's Modifications for converting an Exec II From 37mc to 52mc

Condor's VHF CMVP / Exec II mod to 222 MHz

KC7GSA's Tune Up Instructions CMVP / EXEC II VHF Tx

KC7GSA's Tune Up Instructions CMVP / EXEC II VHF Rx

N6NMZ's Exec II 420 and 900 MHz mods

N8ZCC's Mastr Exec II Info

- Mastr Professional

KA1OKQ's Mastr Pro Rx'r 220 MHz Mod

WB4TUR's Mastr Pro Page (includes EP38 and EP39 power supply info)

KA9FAR's Mastr Pro Audio, Squelch Interface


K3JLS's Freq. Agile PLL Synth Controller for MLS coming soon


K4MBE's UHF Amateur Conversion


K4MBE's VHF Amateur Conversion


MVS 9600bps Test Results


- Orion

GE Orion Discussion List at Yahoo

- Phoenix

VO1CPU's GE Phoenix page

KG4LNE's GE Phoenix page

KE3HT's GE Phoenix page

K4ABT's Phoenix SX 9600 baud modification

K4MBE's Phoenix Information

KD4BMM's Phoenix Information

WA1ZYX Phoenix Remote Chan Select Mod

K3JLS's Freq. Agile PLL Synth Controller for Phoenix S, SX

- Progress Line

WA8DBW's 4EP6 Power Supply Info

- Rangr

K4ABT's 6 Meter Conversion

K4MBE's VHF Amateur Conversion

K4MBE's UHFAmateur Conversion

N8JFB's Delta and Rangr Info

K3JLS's Freq. Agile PLL Synth Controller for Rangr coming soon

- TMX9315

Dave Page's amateur radio firmware for TMX9315, MCS, MVS

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