GE Keys
Marked Order Number    
LL47 5491682P17    
BF10   Prog, TPL Yale
BF10A 5491682P4 Mastr Mobiles, MII Base Yale, Curtis Y-14, ilco 01122AR
BF11A 5491682P27   Yale
1000GE 19B209539P3 Base Stations Ilco 101AM AP1
GE004 19B800004P3 Delta Hudson
1133 B19/MPDM01167 Ranger w/Lock Option  
  F29/4P-04-0174A-01 MRK Veh Chrgr  
  205-0101-001 Orion Motorcycle Case (sim. to Dirak)
  205-0101.0-001 Orion Motorcycle Case  
  19B804717P1 Orion Motorcycle Case 2 keys (nonmolded)
  19B804717P2 Orion Motorcycle Case 1 key (molded)
H2002 19B209276P5 Set of three keys Chicago Lock
Motorola Keys
H2135 55-893872 Most mobiles starting with the old 10" series Chicago Lock
H2553 55-837339 Base Stations, BR series and newer Chicago Lock
PA-235 55-890568 Locking handles in the old 15" mobiles  
CH-751 55-837361 Outdoor Upright Cabinets Also used by Federal Sig?
6K11 55-851487 Motorcycle Dispatcher  
H2141 55-8200H01 IMTS Control Head Chicago Lock
H2552 55-8200H02   Chicago Lock
Johnson Keys
C273A   Solid State Base Stations  
C415A   Base Stations and Tube Mobiles  
C429 D8785   National (Fits some Honeywell Thermostats)

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