Misc Resources

In no particular order

Condor 222 MHz Mods

FREEMARS Heavy Industries

K4ABT's Packetradio.com

W3KKC's The Repeater Builders Technical Information Page

N6NMZ's Amateur Repeater Builders Home Page

N6NMZ's GE Modification page

N6NMZ's Motorola Modification page

K4MBE's Commercial to amateur radio conversions

WA7YCP's Tech Pages

HamRad's Misc Radio Mods FTP

Oakland University Misc Radio Mods FTP

Eavesdroppers Radio Signal Intercept and Decode Site

Dana Raffaniello's Mobile Radio Info Site

Information Resources Repeater Modifications

Wireless Industry Lounge "The Dummy Load"

New London Technology

Trunked Radio Links and WWW Resources

Rik Rasmussen's Two Way Radio Directory

Brinkley Electronics Radio Cross Reference

Batlab's Motorola Model # Decoding Page

Guerrilla Net's Radio Photo ID

Military Radio ID

Military Collector Group Post

Batlabs Utilities and Other Resources

Guerrilla.Net Radio Photo ID

Sawtron Radio ID

OH3TR's Finnish PMR conversion pages

M5GWH's PMR Links

Plessey MTR6000/7000 Radio Service Data

Simoco / Philips PRM80 Radio Info

Philips FM1100, FM1200 Amateur Radio Mods

Philips FM900 Mod

Pye / Philips Mods

G3UFP's Pye/Philips MX290 Information

G6IGA's Key Radio KM and KP series info

Radiotel-mods - France

ZS1PK's Tait T500 Mods

WB4UKB's RCA 700 / 1000 Series 6 Meter Amatuer Conversion Info

RASS Aerotron Mega 900 MHz Mod

Motorola trunking / Astro Training Course

APCO Institute Official Class Schedule

Certified Wireless Network Professional

Electronic Source Book Online

Topaz3 - Maxon's U.S. Distributer


Tait Tech Support

RELM Communications Tech Forum

Vertex VX-10 Exploded View

Vertex VX-510 Exploded View

Vertex VX-520 Exploded View

Vertex VX-800 Exploded View

Vertex VX-900 Exploded View

Vertex VX-600 Exploded View

Vertex VX-400 Exploded View

Vertex VX-210 Exploded View

Vertex VX-180 Exploded View

Vertex VX-160 Exploded View

Standard FTH-2070 Exploded View

ICOM RP1520 VHF Repeater Maint Manual 4.8 Megs!

FCC Type Acceptance Number Search

Wireless Radio Tower Locator

Public Safety Wireless Network - Related Links

Civil Air Patrol - VHF FM Equipment - NTIA Compliance

Civil Air Patrol - Compliance Sunset Dates

LMCC Quick Reference Guide / FCC License

CTCSS, DCSS, Marine Freqs and more

Bendix King LMH/LPH and EPH portables 2m Ham Conversion

Federal Signal - Documents and Manuals on line

GE Manuals (GE,Ericsson,Com-Net,M/A COM)

and another place to find manuals from Lynchburg

and yet another place for manuals from Lynchburg

and another

KD5FX's Manuals for sale

Barry's Manuals for sale

Selectone Manuals

Cobra and Uniden Scanner Owner Manuals

Able 2, Federal, Code 3 Install Notes

Ritron Owner's Manuals

Rune's LMR related links

News of the Weird

PC World's Search Engine Comparison

Cool Edit - Digital Audio Editing

Dolby's Introduction to Noise Reduction

Crystal Trade Page

GM's Radio Telephone / Mobile Radio Installation Guidelines

Lost Radios Hot Sheet

Genesis Global Stolen Radio Database

Nextel Motorola M100 Mobile to Vega Tone Remote Board Wiring

New London Technology Surplus Equipment

C.W. Wolfe Communications Surplus Equipment

Barnett Electronics Inc. Surplus Equipment

MDM Radio Ltd Surplus Equipment

Air-Comm Surplus Equipment

Mechem Electronics Surplus Equipment

CMC Enterprises Surplus Equipment

Panik Electronics Surplus Equipment

eBay commercial radio listings

Richardson Electronics Part Number Search

RF Parts

Pacific Coast Parts - Kenwood Service Parts

Moyer Electronics - ECG, NTE and SK Semiconductor Cross References

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