Motorola Mods

- Micor

S.E.I.T.S. Micor Info

S.E.I.T.S. Micor Bi Level Squelch

***dead link*** WA7YCP's Micor Receiver Info

W3KKC's Micor Info

WA8DBW's Micor Info

KD6OTD's Micor Info

WB4TUR's Micor Info

Skip's MSR2000 and Micor Sq Gate Mod

WB6RHQ's VHF Micor to 222 MHz Mod

W3KKC's Micor Receiver to 222 Mc.

WD5IYT's VHF Micor Duplex Mod

WD5IYT's UHF Micor Duplex Mod

WD5IYT's UHF Micor Duplex Mod

N6NMZ's Micor Tx ID numbers

WA1ZYX's Micor Compa-Station Unified Chasis Mods

W9FIU's VHF Micor Front End Filter Mod for 2m

- Mitrek

W3KKC's Mitrek Info

S.E.I.T.S. Mitrek Info

N1UEC's Mitrek Rptr Mod

***dead link*** WA7YCP's Mitrek Info

W7MCF's Mitrek Rptr Mod

KJ6VU's Mitrek Duplex Mod

KJ6VU's Mitrek Rx Tuneup Info

KJ6VU's Mitrek Tx Tuneup Info

Cactus Intertie UHF Mitrek Mods and Tuning PDF

Graham Repeater Association's Mitrek Mod Instructions

- Syntor

N7OCS's MCX-100, Syntor, and Syntor X Programming

WN6CTY's MCX-100, Syntor, and Syntor X Info

K7IC's Syntor Radio Information

W9TS's Syntor X Codeplug Bitmap

Advanced Radio Workshop's Anaconda for the Syntor and Syntor X

***dead link*** SProg Syntor/X Programming Software

Piexx Syntor Revival

***dead link*** VK6OZ's Syntor X Information


W9FIU's VHF/UHF Syntor Prom Editor Software

- Other Moto


Batlabs - Motorola Programming Information

Batwings Laboratories Forum

AA2LS's 900 Mhz Maxtrac Full Band Mod

S.E.I.T.S. Maxar Modifications for 9600 Baud Packet

N6NMZ's Motorola Modification page

Moxy Conversion to 6 meters by Zen-In Design

QRZ's Radio Mods - Maxar, Micor, Mitrek

***dead link*** VK6OZ's MCX100 Information

G1IJV's GP300, GM300 Info

***dead link*** MTSX and ASTRO Model ID pages

HT220 Info

MT500 Info

***dead link*** G3VMW's MC80 Info

Hong Kong Radio Amateurs RIB

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