Product Code Description
03 Chargers PE / Executive Pager / Porta Mobile II
04 Porta Mobile II
05 Mastr Executive II Stations
06 Mastr Executive II Mobiles
07 System Control Units (C800/C900)
08 Custom MVP Mobile
09 Mastr Executive II Control Unit (C400)
10 Executive Pager AHO
11 Control Unit (C500)
12 Weatherproof Control Unit (C700)
13 Mastr Executive II High Power Mobiles
15 Custom MVP Mobile 5 Watt
16 Mastr MVP Personal PY
17 Mastr II 800 MHz Stations
18 Mastr Executive II RCC & IMTS Mobiles
20 Transit Control Unit
21 MVP Style Monitor Receivers
22 Mastr II IMTS Stations
25 T99 Desktop Encoder
27 Porta Mobile
28 External Tone Decoders
29 Power Call Siren
30 IMTS Mobile
31 Mastr Profesional Mobile
32 Mastr Profesional Stations
33 External Tone Encoders / Decoders - GE STAR
34 Executive Mobiles & Stations
35 TCC Transistorized Control Console
36 Monitor Reciever
38 Test Sets
39 Line Amplifier
40 IMTS Station
41 Command Control Center
42 Pocketmate
43 IMTS Terminal
44 Deskon & Pagecon Remotes
45 Royal Executive Mobile
46 Royal Executive Station
47 Royal Profesional Mobile
49 Executive RCC
50 Mastr Personal Series PR
51 Personal Paging Receiver (PCO)
52 Mastr Personal Series PE 9 Digit
53 Multi Tx Control
54 Mastr Profesional Satelite Receivers
55 Voting Selector Panel
56 Royal Executive Mobile CIP
57 Mastr Imperial
58 Custom Executive
59 Series 900 IPAC Paging Terminal Station
60 Series 101 & 102 T99 Desktop Tone Encoders
61 Mastr II Mobile M Series (Basic)
62 Deskon II Remotes
63 Royal Executive Station CIP
64 Mastr Controller
65 Mastr II Mobile E Series (Extended)
66 Mastr Local Controller
67 Mastr II Stations
68 Personal Paging Receiver (PVO)
69 Mastr II Dual Front End
70 Mastr II Station Auxiliary Receiver
71 Mastr Personal Series PE 10 Digit
72 Mastr Profesional Stations '72
74 System Control Station
75 Mastr II Multiple Receiver Station
76 Mastr II Weatherproof Control Unit
77 Standard Vendor Items
77 Zetron, DDC-100, Model 10, 15
78 Non Standard Vendor Items
79 Chargers MPR / MPX / MPI / MPS
80 Century II Mobile - Early
82 Mastr Executive II Vehicular Repeater
83 Vehicular Rptr Mastr Exec II, Mobile Detector, Rcvr
85 Transit Data Pkg Mobile
901 Tessco Vendor Dropship Svc Parts
91 Programmer URP (Panasonic HHC)
98 4 digit options
AR Mastr II Aux Receiver
B2 Beacon II
B3 Mastr IIe Stations
BS Orion Base Station (Low Band )
BT Ericsson RCU Mobile ATRM
C1 GE-TEL MCS Mobile Telephone
C2 GE MARC V Control Head
C3 Console & Switch (CML)
C4 Control Unit (S600)
C5 REMS 500 System
CC Voice Guard Console Interface Unit / DVIU
CD Communications System Director CSD
CH Charger, Universal
CK Cryptographic Keyloader
CM CMX 800 MHz Conventional Mobile
CR CRT Console (Maestro)
D1 Data Radio
D2 Orion Mobile
D2M Orion Motorcycle Mobile
D5 GE STAR Decoders
DR EDACS Data Advantage, Data/Dispatch Mobile Radio
DS Desktop Station MDX/Orion
DT GE-NET TMX 900 MHz Mobiles
DY Allegra Personal
F3 Console Furniture
G5 GE MARC V 500 Paging Terminal
GB Cougar MPT1327 Mobile 200M, 400M, 600M
GM Panther Conventional Mobiles 200M, 400M, 600M
GP Panther Conventional Portables 400P, 600P, 625P
GT Cougar MPT1327 Portable 400P, 600P
H1 Charger Exec II P8 Pager
H2 Chargers
H9 Prism HP / LPE200
HA Jaguar 700P Portable
HC Microcell - Common
HM Prism Mobile Radio
HR RBS 882M - AMPS Microcell
JE DPE100/200 Personal Jane EDACS
JP IPE200 Portable
KA Panther 300 M Conventional Mobile
KB Panther 300 P Conventional Portable
KD Panther 300 P EDACS Portable
KE Edacs 500M Mobile
KH Panther 500P Portable 500/600
KJ PCS 800 MHz Portable (KUJAE)
KM Panther 500M Conventional KMC100 / KMC300 Mobile
KP KPC Portable
L5 MPI Parts Aust Pts
M1 GE MARC V Remote Mount Classic
M2 GE MARC V (Executive II)
M3 Phoenix Crystal
M4 Delta Crystal
M5 Century II Mobile
M6 GE MARC V Centura / Corona
M7 GE MARC V Classic
MD MTD 800
MG Monogram Mobiles and Portables (Maxon)
MG16P Monogram 16 Chan Portable
MGEM Monogram Edacs Mobile
MGEP Monogram Edacs Portable
MGLTR Monogram LTR Portable
MGM Monogram Mobiles
MGP Monogram Personal
MGS Monogram Switchable
MGXPE Monogram XPE
MH Monogram Low Band Portables (Maxon)
MP MPI II Synth Portable
MS Multi-Site, Console Electronics Controller
MT MTD 800/900 MHz
N1 Phoenix S
N2 Phoenix SX
N3 Delta S, SX
N5 Phoenix S, SX
N6 Delta Desk Station
N7 GE MARC VE Classic II
N8 Delta / Rangr Desk/Wall Station
N9 Ranger / Ranger 89
NP MVS Mobile
NW Network Products EDACS Gateway Jessica
P1 GE4000 Portable (Storno)
P2 MPR Portable (Gray)
P3 Power Master Vehicular Power Amp
P4 MPX Portable (Black)
P5 MPI Portable
P6 MPE Portable
P7 GE MARC V Personal
P8 Exec II Pager Beacon Monitor (Shinwa)
P9 MPS Portable (Gray)
PA MPA / MPA Aegis / MTL Portable
PC PCS Portable
PD MPD Portable
PK MRK Portable
PL PLS Portable
PM MDR / MDX Dual Format
PS PST / EDACS Site Controllers
PV MPD Voice Guard Portable
PY Vehicular Repeater Mobile
QC01 Command Control Center (Series 2500) Secode
QC03 MTS PTT Simplex Mobile
QC04 GE MARC V / VE Telephone Interconnect System
QC05 Voice Guard Applications
QC06 External Tone Encode / Decoders
QC07 EDACS Applications
R1 REMS 100 Rx
R2 Master Link (Data Link DL100)
R5 Phoenix Parts
RC RCN1000 Remote
RV DRC200 Desktop Repeater (RELM)
S1 Mastr II GE-MARC Station
S2 Exec II GE-MARC Station
S3 Mastr II System
S4 Mastr II GE-NET 900 MHz Station
S5 Control Unit (S500)
S6 Control Unit (S550)
S7 Control Unit (S700)
S8 Control Unit (S825)
S9 Control Unit (S950 S990)
SA System Interface Module SIM
SC Simulcast
SM EDACS System Manager
SR Mastr III Aux Receiver
SS EDACS FX Software Services
ST Mastr II and Mastr IIe Package Stations
SX Mastr III Stations
T1 GE-STAR Cellular Mobile
T2 Mini Cellular Portable
T3 Carfone Cellular Mobile
T4 Carfone and Transpak XR Cellular
T6 Station (RCU/TAU) Cellular Station
T8 Transfone Cellular
T9 Station (Expanded Spectrum) Cellular Station OSTR
TA Compact Radio Channel Unit Cellular Station CRCU
TC Mini II Cellular Portable
TD Dual Mode Telephone Cellular Mobile Dolly Kim
TF Dual Mode Telephone Cellular Mobile Jane Dolly-Sandra
TH Carfone and Transpak Hotline Cellular
TJ Pocket Phone
TK Cellular Portable (Jane)
TL MDS Commanche Mobile
TP GE MARC VE Portable
TS Dual Mode Telephone Cellular Mobile (Anna-Sandra/Sylvia/Olivia III)
UP NPC50 / NPC200 (Uniden)
V1 Vehicular Rptr Mastr Exec II
VK Viking Express (RMOD)
VP Voting Selector, PST, EDACS
VR Voting Selector, Conventional Analog
V V Voting Selector, Conventional Aegis (Voice Guard)
ZA Station Common Parts
ZB Portable Common Parts
ZC Common Parts
ZE Mobile Common Parts
ZR Common Parts
ZS RMOA Common Parts
ZZ Active Unapplied Matl Common

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