We have a large surplus of GE and Motorola radio manuals. As soon as we get them organized, we will post them on this page. Some of the boxes are not easy to get to at this time. If you have a specific manual you are looking for, I will try to locate one for you. I may not be able to get back with an answer right away, so please be patient. Pricing will be handled on an individual basis (since I haven't decided what to charge for this stuff yet). If I dont have a spare, I probably have one available for copy. As a subscriber to the GE datafile since 1969, we probably have the information you need. Note - I will not copy the manual if it is still available from Ericsson / GE.

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e-mail address for ordering manuals is:

The Equipment Package No., Combination Number or Model No. must be provided.

The following CD's are available from Ericsson-

ECP5004 Mastr III Station Alignment Training Multimedia CD   $96.95
ECR5405 Private Radio Systems Parts & Accessories Catalog    $10.00
ECR5116 Technical Publications Manuals on CD Volume 1
ECR5406 Technical Publications Manuals on CD Volume 2
ECR5833 PRS Products and Services Catalog (Dealer Price Book)

Service manuals and Software release notes for Mastr III, MDR/MDX, MRK, Orion, Desktop Station, and many other EDACS products are included on the Tech Pub CD's. Unfortunately, manuals for most non-EDACS products are not available in this format. A list of LBI numbers that are on these CD's can be found here. Watchout, this is a large file (558K)

GE and other Maintenance Manuals

Compilation of URLs for Ham radio manuals ON Line Vendors

Steve's spare books

MDM Radio Ltd.-Used 2Way Radio-Manuals-Radio Parts

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