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Used with the TQ3310 or TQ3370 Radio Interface Box
TQ Model Number Part Number Radio used with
TQ3311  * 19A705477P2 MPD, MPD VG, MPA, MTL, P400
TQ3313  * 19C336939P1 EDACS Rangr
TQ3314 19B801417P3 MCS, TMX8712, GE-NET TMX
TQ3315 19B801417P4 MVS, TMX8825, TMX8810           Alternative
TQ3322 19B235027P2 RPM1132510/x FMD
TQ3336  * 19C851752P6 PCS
TQ3338 19C337114P1 S825
TQ3341 19B235189P1 VGT9600 EDACS
TQ3343 19B801417P5 MLS II       Alternative
TQ3352 19C851752P8 MPI II
TQ3354 19B801417P6 MTD
TQ3361 19B801417P7 MDS, MDR  Old DX Version
TQ3368  * 19B801971P3, P6 MRK, PRISM HP, LPE
TQ3371  * 19B801417P9 MDR EDACS, MDR DF PM and GMARC Only PM
TQ3372  * 19B801417P10 MDX Mobiles (Except MDX Data), MDX Station, Orion Station
TQ3377  * 19B802554P15 Orion Mobile
TQ3379  * RPM1131460/01 ALLEGRA
TQ3382  * RPM1132472/1 KPC, Panther 500P
TQ3387  * RPM1132872/1 KMC, EDACS 500M
TQ3390 Orion / MDX Desktop Station?
TQ3392  * RPM1132472/23 Jaguar 700P  (Same as MRK, Prism HP, LPE?)
TQ3398 RPM1132472/44 EDACS 300P
  RPM1132473/1 EMP Edacs Monogram Portable
         * RPM1132510/1 EMM Edacs Monogram Mobile
  19B802230 S825 Flash
  19B804722P1 RTU / CCM Orion
         * K19/AS00000420 MRK (W/Front Cover Removed)

Used with the TQ3330 Interface Box
TQ Model Number Part Number Radio used with
TQ3331 19B234413G21 19B234413P81 Delta S, Delta SX, Conventional Rangr, Conventional Rangr 89
TQ3345 19B234413G22 19B234413P88 VG9600 Conventional


Used with cables connected directly to the COM Serial Port of the computer
TQ Model Number Part Number Radio used with
TQ3356 19B801348P2 M2E M3 Stations (DB9-DB9)
TQ3360 19B235027P4 GETC
TQ3378 19B801417P11 MDX DATA ONLY
TQ3399 Panther/Cougar 400P, 600P, 625P (Tait Orca)
TQ3402   Panther/Cougar 200M, 400M, 600M (Tait T2000)
TQ3393 RPM1132472/47 Panther 300M
TQ3396 RPM1132472/43 Panther 300P
  RPM1132848/11 XPE EDACS Monogram Portable
  RPM1132848/11   & RPM1132848/12 XME EDACS Monogram Mobile
  RPM113247/01       RPM1132480/1 LTR Monogram Portable (LPT or COM?)
  RPM1132865/1 LME Prism Mobile
        * RPM1132514 Edacs Prism Mastr Station, SIM
  19B804346P111 Turbo GETC (GPTC)

Used with cables connected directly to the LPT Printer Port of the computer
TQ Model Number Part Number Radio used with
TQ3376 19D904589P1 Monogram VHF and UHF Conventional Portables and Mobiles


Misc Cables
Part Number Interface Used With Description
KRY1011612/53  * KRY1011612/51  * Cable to connect KRY1011612/51 to computer
RPM1132483/1 KRY1011621/1 Cable to connect KRY1011621/1 to computer
RPM1132483/1  19B235027P1 TQ3310 / TQ3370  * Cable to connect TQ3310 / TQ3370 to computer DB25/DB25
19B235027P3 TQ3330  * Cable to connect TQ3330 to computer DB9/DB25
KRY1011612/52  * KRY1011618/1 Kit  KRY1011612/51 Interface IPE, DPE
RPM1132482/1 KRY1011621/1 Kit   KRY1011616/1 Interface NPC200      Alternative
RPM1132848/1 RPM1132848/11 & RPM1132848/12    XME, XPE    /1 Kit includes both cables
RPM1132861/1 Ethernet Edacs Prism Mastr Via Ethernet
19A705092P1   Prog. Test Cable
344A4209P41  *   Cloning Cable, Monogram
T2000-13 Tait   Cloning Cable for Panther/ Cougar 200M, 400M, 600M Mobiles
TQ3394 RPM 113 2472/42 Cloning Cable  300M to 300M
TQ3395 RPM 113 2472/41 Cloning Cable  300M to 300P
TQ3397 RPM 113 2472/40 Cloning Cable  300P to 300P

 Although I try to provide accurate information, I cannot guarantee that use of the above cable diagrams will not cause harm to your radio. Use homemade programming cables with caution. Please program responsibly.

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